A downloadable game

Link to VR https://game2.itch.io/vr-mouse-in-the-hose

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(There is nothing interesting in the paid version)

The network game in the process.Not  active

There are 5 more women and 1 man in the process

  • women  Spray
  • women broom
  • women Jumping
  • women Vacuum Cleaner
  • women rolling pin
  • man Saw

So you're a mouse you have such a pretty good life You live in a warm and pleasant home . Cheese falls from the sky . and even the cat sleeps when he does not rest . The woman who lives there loves to read book and loves flowers and Watch romantic movies  And sometimes she gets excited you can see a tear in  her eyes .  So you ask yourself what is the problem . I'll tell you she hate mice , She spreader mouse traps every where she run after me all over the house trying to spray me and step on me   But I'm not a sucker I pee all over the house And causes her to be caught in har on traps she puts

Come and join me

V 3.1

  • 1 - to pee
  • 2 - to pook
  • left mouse - camra
  • arrow+mouse - movement
  • Esc - close or open menu

◾Windows 7 or higher
◾3.0 GHz Dual or higher processor
◾1 GB available hard drive space
◾nVidia GeForce GT x30

Install instructions

If you Enjoy the game

I would be happy to get support  by

  1. Create a clip on  YouTube

  2.  post a comment

  3. send a link to more people to download it

  4.  contribution


mouse v3-TEST.7z 305 MB
mouse v3.1.7z 253 MB
the Great.7z 264 MB
B-net.7z 282 MB


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Well, it's a mess. Camera is limited, normal first person view would be a lot better. Fonts, shadowing, colors and models are not of a good choice. No goal, just walking around eating cheese and getting hit. It would be a lot better if models were different and there was a goal to do.

I am sorry for being to critical but i am just being honest. Also, i would love for you to invest in this game in multiplayer, i would play it if it was in multiplayer!

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The old mouse was better honestly, still great.

can't go wrong if it is temporarily free

I love it, it's a very entertaining game

Funny game :P 

mouse simulator

痛そう...ねずみになって遊んでたらネズミ捕りトラップに引っかかった...【 バカゲー 】実況

Try to stay alive. Look for cheese before starvation and be wary of people who want to catch and kill you.

Get the game - https://game2.itch.io/mouse-simulator
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It is normal the woman don't speak like past version?

Are there gonna be anymore updates to this game or is it over?

I'm in the process of creating a great update and I have 7 levels at the moment
And I added a cowardly girlfriend who came to visit
And I work to an exterminator with a vacuum cleaner
I want to reach 15 levels
If you have any ideas, I will be happy to hear

Maybe, your mouse can squeak for attract the girl at a place and you can escape at the other way

i give this game a: 1.9/2

I couldn't figure out what to do for the life of me. I only found one single piece of cheese throughout the whole video.

This was surprisingly fun, We love the concept and would love to see it worked into a full game!

This game is really funny and wacky. I cant wait for the future updates. Here is my gameplay of v2.5 and 2.7(dont mind my squeaky voice and the random lag).

Is there anyway I can go back to the version where the woman just stomps the mouse? I prefer a quick death to slow poisoning.

Loved the game! That is one funny mouse! Enjoy! 

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Markiplier made a video on this game:

i like this

it is a fun game to play


Had a lot of fun messing around in this game


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It was pretty fun and i got a little spooked by the person in the living room but it was way too short for what it was.

Still i would love to play it later if you update it some more :D

video gameplay

Silly fun.


The fun just starts with the next update i will fix errors and will add traps

And maybe her friend would come visit

I had fun, really looking forward to an update! =)

it is cool game you just fell like a mouse :)

Very glad you enjoyed it

Damn this has to be the most accurate simulator made this year.

I had a few glitches but hey it was a fun game to play :D